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: salt kiln shelves

updated fri 22 feb 02


iandol on thu 21 feb 02

Dear Brandon Phillips,

You ask <I've never used these in a high fire. I've also heard that coating them =
with ITC will increase their life, is this true? Any help you can offer =
would be great!>>

It may sound a bit archaic, but why not tumble stack with a good =
refractory wad between contacting surfaces. If you can find any articles =
in the journal archives (possibly CM) by the late Sandra Johnson, she =
explains how and why. She had other great advice for would be salt =
glazers. Sandra was a student of Paul Soldner and followed his =
suggestion to build her kiln without a brick floor, a considerable =
saving in cash. Furthermore, it works. I saw the kiln she build at =
Macgregor in Queensland.

An outstanding example of the KISS principle.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.