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chicken wish bone

updated tue 19 feb 02


Liz Willoughby on mon 18 feb 02

A while back I did an experiment using a chicken wish bone placed on
top of a shino glaze in a cone 10 R firing. There is a photo image
in Robin Hopper's 2nd edition of Ceramic Spectrum (p.130) where he
uses cross-cut beef bones and chicken bones placing them on unglazed
pots for wood-firing and enhancing his design with brush work.
Really very nice decoration from the fuming from the calcium in the
bones. Thought it might work with the shino, it did, except the ends
of the bones stuck in the glaze and there were sharps bits of bones
that remained. The fuming though was attractive, white wavy lines
over the shino.

Just wondered if anyone doing wood-firing has used this method of
fuming, and how successful it was. Liz, where it is very cold
outside, but sunny and beautiful with icy snow stuck on the branches.

P.S. Took a course this week-end at Loyalist College by Ron Roy.
Nice to hear all those insightful things again about methods of work,
how we work, why we work, and inspiration. And of course a lot about
materials, glaze stability, and THE BOOK, Mastering Glazes. Thanks
Ron for inspiring me once again.
Liz Willoughby
RR 1
2903 Shelter Valley Rd.
Grafton, On.
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