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updated sun 17 feb 02


Sheryl VanVleck on fri 15 feb 02

FIRST: If you have time and desire, I would welcome any comments on the
completed ##%%@## project of building a web site. I now know enough HTML to
pretend to know some HTML and stumble through that project. The address is:

SECOND: I received my first, hot off the press, premiere issue of Fine Art
Ceramics in time to learn all the things I SHOULD have done to make it a
more money making site, in an article by Richard Collins. So, that will be
my summer project.

THIRD: I apologize for not crediting the original glaze makers with credit
on the page of glaze experiments but I am one of those "pilers" and, while I
have notebook after notebook of things like glaze recipes, I also have piles
after piles of glaze recipes on slips of papers, backs of envelopes and
napkins. I have no idea where half of them came from and should have kept
better track but it's too late now.

FOURTH: Thanks to all who answered the question about a black to white
background. I have been looking for some time and appreciated reading the

I would really appreciate any comments about the site and you can write to me
Sheryl VanVleck
Wyoming: Where we had a Thursday morning blizzard, a Thursday afternoon 50
degrees and more forecasts a hot, hot fire season for summer