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r&j's book..... another benefactor

updated sat 16 feb 02


Joyce Lee on fri 15 feb 02

We have a new benefactor .... The Ceramic Design Group .... who also =
would like to send a copy of Ron's and John's book to four clayarters. =
Their identities will not be revealed.

Need is #1. "a clayarter... active or lurker ... who has been =
struggling with glazes at ^6 for a while and is frustrated because of =
lack of information."

Next would include financial need ... just can't buy the book at this =

Being a Clayarter is a necessity.

Self - nominated or Other - nominated...
either is acceptable.

So if you think you qualify, a simple, direct statement as to how and =
why will be forwarded to the benefactor/donor.

In the Mojave pleased with the opportunity to Clay It Forward yet again =