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woodstove firing

updated mon 18 feb 02


Mark A Swanson on thu 14 feb 02

Has anyone tried firing raku in a fireplace insert?

Steve Mills on sun 17 feb 02

Not Raku, but a friend used to fire pots in the open fireplace at his
home. He would pre-heat a pottery roof tile and a flower pot together
with what he wanted to fire in front of the fire, and when the coals had
died down, put the tile on the embers with the pots on it, cover with
the flower pot, and heap fresh coals up around them and leave it. I've
done this (well I would, wouldn't you?), and I reckon it reached plus
800oC in there, lovely red colour through the hole in the bottom of the
flower pot!


In message , Mark A Swanson writes
>Has anyone tried firing raku in a fireplace insert?

Steve Mills