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tools with legs

updated fri 15 feb 02


Cindy Griffis on thu 14 feb 02

Where is my!@#$$%&*(_(&$#$%^&&*&^$## hammer/tool is
the common cry of every adult....

My father, a carpenter by profession, was constantly
shouting this phrase. (No wonder I use it so
frequently now....;-O ) When he died and my younger
brother, also a carpenter, inherited Dad's "tools and
supplies", he found multiples of hammers, drill bits,
chisels, and so on in the many boxes of nails, screws,
tool boxes, etc. that were left over from different
projects or jobs. Brother always claimed that Dad
wasn't the best about returning tools to their proper
places when he finished using them. (I couldn't be
shouldered with that trait too, could I????) LOL!

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