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benefactor for r&j's book and other good stuff

updated fri 15 feb 02


Doug Gray on thu 14 feb 02

I apologize ahead of time for the poor timing of this post. There are a
number of reasons why I haven't kept up with the current discussions,
but suffice it to say, sometimes work, and life in general, demand so
much of my attention that I can't participate to the extent that I have
grown accustomed to.

In any case, I wanted to comment of a few things...

1. Kudos to Joyce and the kindly benefactor for sharing Ron and John's
book. I have to admit, that when I read Joyce's offer, some one came
immediately to mind. I was actually in the midst of emailing Joyce
when it dawned on me that I could probably spare the extra $40 and by
this person a book myself. And if I took care of this person on my own
it would allow someone else a chance to get a book through Joyce. I
suspect that there are many of you out there that could do (may have
done) the same. So, I'm issuing a challenge. I challenge everyone to
think of one well deserving person that could really use this book (or
others for that matter). Be a mentor, send them a book. It is such a
simple act but it will mean so much. Joyce, please pass a thank you on
to "you know who." And let him/her know that their simple act of
kindness has touched at least one more deserving person

2. I'm also excited by Mel's announcement regarding the Axner clay
body. It can only mean good things-- good for us and good for Howard
Axner. I can only hope others will follow his lead. I don't remember
who started the Clay It Forward thread, but I think we are seeing that
theory in action here and on a large scale.

3. And I've been touched by the sincerity in which Karen Terpstra is
forging ahead with her commitment to providing the best possible
education for her students. There are several of us who face this same
problem, trying to do the best with what we know and what we have at
hand. I have only met Karen a few times, and at that, only talked with
her very briefly , but she is quickly earning my respect. Once again, I
suspect great things are possible through this sharing also. Karen,
count me in on the Grand ClayArt Syllabi Comparison.

Sharing!! What a concept. Keep it up gang, this is what brought me to
clayart in the first place. And it is what keeps me coming back for

Doug, SC