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why ^5 and susan peterson

updated wed 13 feb 02


Jon Pacini on tue 12 feb 02

Greetings all-----got this information from Susan Peterson regarding ^5. If
any one is interested in pursuing the subject, she seems open to questions.

I have been deluged with people

telling me you have written on Clayart that people should find me about cone

5 firing... You are certainly right, I have been doing cone 5-6 oxidation

reduction about 50 years, since I began teaching at Chouinard Art Institute

in 1952, USC in 1955, and Idyllwild School of Music in the Arts summers from

1957 to 1985. (I retired from Hunter College, CUNY, in 1994)

I fired cone 5 at Alfred as a student in 1949-50 because there we fired

all temperatures, but considered cone 04, cone 5, and cone 10 to be the mean

temps. for all our tests.

I think I invented cone 5 reduction, because at Idyllwild the altitude

and our late stacking every day for students made cone 10 firing take too

long. So I just brought down the cone 10 glazes to cone 5-6 and it worked

fine!. I already had been doing cone 5 oxidation at both schools--glazes do

look somewhat different at different temperatures--but I didn't do cone 5

reduction until I went up to the ISOMATA mountain for summerschool.

Les has been asking me to come over to Laguna to do a book signing, and

I will probably do that this spring. Meanwhile, I appreciate your

remembering me, and you can put whatever information you want on the Clayart

about my whereabouts==I live in Carefree, AZ, have my studio here, write

books, make pots, lecture over the globe, and am open to any questions: PO

Box 1398, 38800 Spanish Boot Rd, Carefree, AZ 85377, email", fax 480-488-6235, phone 480-488-1016.

Thanks again. Hope to meet up with you soon. Susan Peterson

Jon Pacini
Clay Manager
Laguna Clay Co