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tools: lost , found , day-glo dreams

updated thu 14 feb 02


Stephani Stephenson on wed 13 feb 02

you are too kind!
you have me blushing.
but the thought of those gorgeous,
fluorescent orange tools
with big block letter magic marker writing
just makes a tool girl
quiver and swoon.

thinking I might go day glo green

I love your perspective on evolution
makes most of us potters proud
to contribute to future discoveries.

Lost tools in the recycle bin:
as an undergrad the deal was:
whoever volunteered to recycle the class clay /slip/scrap
barrel(s) was entitled to a certain amount of the clay
to use as their own, for free, and any tools they might, er, encounter.
In this way I got a lot of clay via sweat equity, and though I did have
close encounters with
needle tools, i never had to buy a needle tool, cutoff wire or any ribs
for four years. my apologies to the archaeologists.
I have more than compensated with
pennies, dimes, paperclips, test tiles and hairbands.