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updated wed 13 feb 02


hoskisd on tue 12 feb 02

I couldn't let this one go by without comment. I was very
pleased with Jonathan's second paragraph (nothing wrong
with the first). Brittney wrote this paper for her freshman
english class. We gave a copy to Nils, he shared it with
Mel and Mel sent it to CM. It went the circle to CM word
for word, no editing. I have told Mel and Nils thanks many
times, but let me publically say it again, Thanks. As many
of the group know I generally correspond off list--not this
time. And a big thanks to Jonathan for noticing the article.

Don Hoskisson (a stone's throw from Craig, and a hop, skip,
and a jump south of Nils---and a few miles north of Hank)

>From: Jonathan Pennington,
>I just recieved my first issue of CM.... snip
>I have to say though, that I smiled when I saw the picture of Nils Lou
>and Brittany Hoskisson in the back, then I was really happy to see
>that Brittany wrote the final article. It was very heartwarming and
>made me glad- that alone was enough for me to like the magazine. An
>article written like that, from the perspective of a 14 year old who's
>been in a potting family since before she was born, really spoke of
>the sense of community and family that potters can have. It touched my
>heart and made me kind of sad that I have no child to bring into such
>a peaceful, warm community.