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lark books glaze handbook corrections

updated fri 15 feb 02


Suzanne Tourtillott on mon 11 feb 02

Lark Books will make available the corrections and new index for Mark
Burleson's Ceramic Glaze Handbook in the next few days. Please watch for my
post with a Web link in it, where you'll find the two downloadable PDF

Whenever Lark Books are reprinted, we make any corrections that we've noted
since publication (we've come to live with the fact that there are no perfect
books, though we do our very best to strive for that ideal). While we were at
it, we took the opportunity to make further improvements that were not a part
of the original manuscript. In addition to correcting technical and editorial
errors, we added an appropriate symbol to any recipe that contains a toxic
ingredient, and created a more in-depth, user-friendly index. We feel that
the toxicity indicators are helpful, but it also made the corrections list
more lengthy than it would have been otherwise.

Lark regrets any inconvenience that these errors have caused you. We feel
sure that once you have these documents in hand you'll be able to rely on the
Ceramic Glaze Handbook with confidence. --Suzanne

James Bowen on tue 12 feb 02

The offer of multiple pages of corrections available online
does not help those schools and public libraries as well as
potters who do not subscribe to this list. Those books
should be recalled.

Stay Centered
James Bowen
Boyero CO

Veena Raghavan on thu 14 feb 02

I agree with James Bowen. This book has far too many errors for Lark to
just issue a list of corrections. Like James, I feel the books should be
replaced. I did write to Suzanne Tourtillot at Lark asking her if they
would replace my copy. She replied offering to send me the list of
corrections. I think it is an awful shame that Lark does not feel an
obligation to recall and replace these books.

Veena Raghavan