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slow cooling for mastering cone 6 glazes

updated mon 11 feb 02


Sarah House on sun 10 feb 02

I bought the book for my mother for christmas, Bad idea since i've yet to do
more than look at the pictures. We have mixed up three of the glazes and
will be firing early this week. Unfortunatly, the pyrometer hasn't arrived
yet and we can't wait for it.

So the question, after reaching cone six and turning of the kiln how long
(in hours and minutes) do you wait to turn it back on again? We are firing a
scutt 1027 (around 9 cubic feet I believe).

We know all kilns and loads are different, and that this is the very
unscientific way to go about it, but it's only three pieces, and we'll do it
right with the next load.

Sarah House


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