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glaze test for charcoal satin mat, cone 6, ox.

updated mon 11 feb 02


Alisa og Claus Clausen on sun 10 feb 02

Glaze test for: Charcoal Satin Mat, cone 6, ox.

Credited to: revised mat glaze by Tony Hansen

All tests fired on white, iron flecked, mid-range stoneware.
Fired to cone 6 (1220c) in oxidation.

Firing ramp:
100c (212f) per hour to 600c (1112f)
150c (302f) per hour to 1100c (2012f)
100c per hour to 1220c (2228f)
15 - 30 minute soak depending on matts and glosses used.
cool down 100c per hour to 900c.
Natural cool down to 150c (approximately 15 hours)

31 Frit 3134
23.2 Wollastonite
14.1 Flint

6.0 Dark Ruitle
10 Mason stain #6600

All raw materials measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.
Oxides used on percent basis to a 100 gram batch of glaze.

Common Rutile for Dark Rutile
Grey and Black local stains.

Resulted in:
A dark grey glaze that is glossy where thinnest, and mat but not dry, where
thickest. The part of the tile that was doubled dipped produced the best
mat. Application as well as firing schedule may be important for this
glaze to go very mat without any glossy areas. The last time I tested this
glaze, my kiln shut off after a soak at the top. The glaze was
glossy. With this schedule, the glaze became mat in areas, so still have
to work with application.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark