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updated mon 11 feb 02


Lee Love on mon 11 feb 02

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From: "Ned Ludd"

> Bernard was mostly blind by then and rather frail, he sat and examined our
pots by
>feeling them

"Far too many of us use our hands like inert flippers." -Rawson, Ceramics
pg. 21.

Hi Ned,

I've often thought, that I'd rather have someone judge a pot competition
who was blind, rather than one who had no sense of touch. Photos & slides of
pottery are 3rd or 4th best, at best. When folks mentioned leafing through a
ceramics magazine looking at pictures, just like one might Playboy, I thought
that was an apt description. Photos of functional pots are what pornography is
to real love making.

Here is a Rawson quote:

"Those connections and relationships are his aesthetic meaning. They
can thus never be closed and abstract but always remain open and sensuously
concrete. The simple everyday object, the pot, upon which all the feeling
responses are focused is able to carry a complex meaning from one mind to
another. The object of the everyday world acts as an immediate vehicle."
Ceramics pg. 16

So much of the meaning in the pot is transmitted from the hand. This
is why functional work can transmit more complex meaning that work that only
depends upon visual communication.

Lee In Mashiko

"Far too many of us use our hands like inert flippers." -Philip Rawson