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recommendations for kilns?

updated mon 11 feb 02


John Simon on fri 8 feb 02

Can someone give me a little guidance on cone 10,
frontloading kilns, electric, something in the 9-15
cubic foot range, 3-5 grand? Or if someone can point
me to information or ratings?


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Working Potter on sun 10 feb 02

Dear John,
I would suggest you try to check with the local colleges nearby and ask
around for local solutions to THEIR kilns as you have many wonderful
examples and seeing them in person and taking detailed photos and discussing
their preformance will work far better than most you might find in
books.Contact the craft organizations, arts commission for referrals and
the clay suppliers ,and don't forget the phone book too. Make detailed
drawings and discuss the pros and cons and note their sources. Kiln building
is very personal and the amount of work and its volume and how
frequently you wish to fire are all things to think about. Then it also
matters where you live and your fuel source,type and supplier's rules Your
budget and available materials AND ZONING RULES AND LINE SETBACKS TO
ADJOINING PROPERTIES AND BUILDINGS......There are also some great
commercial kilns too and the commercial exhibits at NCECA would afford you
the opportunity to get a lot of first hand information also, GGood luck,
keep the list posted on what your discovery proscess uncovers leading to your