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alberta summer workshops

updated sat 9 feb 02


Gretchen Zinkan on fri 8 feb 02

Last summer I attended a couple of workshops in Red Deer, Alberta and they
were terrific.

For info on this years program contact the Red Deer College at and it was called the Series

One was run by Bob Kinzie from California. He is amazing. A very skilled
potter, great sense of humour, patience beyond belief...and so encouraging.
He threw these enormous and beautiful pots...and then made sculpture from
them. I wrote him and asked him to send a picture to next years Clayart
Calendar that Lisa is working on. (Thanks Lisa for the great cookbooks!!
Can't wait for more)

The other was by John Gibson from Denmark. It was also amazing...his
decorations are so intricate and fine. I was purely a dunk and splatter
glazer prior to his I can do both (sorta)

These workshops were great value (Cdn $$)...accommodation at the College was
great as well.