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ron's and john's book/benefactor

updated fri 8 feb 02


Joyce Lee on thu 7 feb 02

Several of you have posted with concerns about "announcements" of =
successful applicants, or if names are not mentioned, that specific =
individuals' qualifications might be posted. This will not happen. I =
am the ONLY one who will see the brief statements as to qualifications. =
X will not. Neither John nor Ron will know. X is very forceful in =
expressing the need for as much anonymity as possible, including X's =
own, and still be able to get the three books into the hands of three =
Clayart potters who meet the qualifications.

Please feel free to e-mail me with other concerns.

In the Mojave where around 40 quail visited this morning at one time... =
huge ones, royal
ones, young ones .... must have been three separate families (what do =
you call quail families, anyway?). Mojo and I watched for a long time =
.... entranced....