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john and ron's book/benefactor

updated sat 9 feb 02


Ron Collins on thu 7 feb 02

Dear Joyce,

I bought my copy, paid the customs and aduana, and now have my book.
John/Ron have the shipping records.

Guatemala's premier ceramacist is Carlos Chaclon. He has risen in his "day
job"/real job to being the restorer of the original Mayan ceramics for the
best Mayan museum in Central America, Museo Popol Vuh. I could give you a
complete biography, but I don't feel that you want it. He is impressive,
but what is more impressive to me is he willingness to help others. He only
has Sundays off, and even then, goes to paint water colors with the little
shoe shine boys in a park, in Guatemala City where he lives. He does not
own a car, gets paid Guatemalan rate wages, and lives a "middle class"
lifestyle here. I admire him very much. After his regular job, as there
are no ceramic schools or universities that teach ceramic arts, he teaches
ceramics at an "art center" for very little money, trying to teach ceramica.
He also makes beautiful mayan musical instruments, and has a little group
that plays using clay instruments he makes, and they were featured one night
on latin E! channel !!!!.......I request a book for him. I can pick it up
at NCECA, because I don't want to pay customs, which is equal to the value
of the invoice, and I'm sure he doesn't either.
Because of his philanthropic activity, and acquaintance with the few
other ceramacists of note, I am requesting another copy for him to give to
someone who he would think deserving, and a third for the same reason, if it
could be spared. While he does not speak english, of course working at an
esteemed research museum, such as the Popol Vuh, many archeologists and
others do. So, he has no big problems in that way.
I request three copies, being necessary to be picked up at NCECA, so
that I can bring them back myself. No one is female or under 50, so three
may not be possible. Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala

Joyce Lee on thu 7 feb 02

We have a Clayart benefactor, who is a potter, and who feels strongly =
that Ron's and John's book should be in the hands of potters who would =
benefit from the information presented, but are unable to afford the =
purchase. X prefers to be anonymous and does not want to know the names =
of the recipients. Thus our donor would like me to arrange the =
purchase of three books to be mailed directly by the publishers to the =
three recipients selected. The donor chooses not to be part of the =
selection process, which is to be minimal.

The only guidelines are that recipients are unable to afford such a =
purchase at this time. AND, in the donor's own words:

"I would prefer two of the three recipients be=20
women and would love it if one of them was over 50."

X desires for the whole process to be simplified, be complete within a =
week, and that I be the selector. I have agreed. If you are interested, =
and will e-mail me a statement briefly outlining your interest and how =
you fit the above qualifications, it is my hope that we'll have three =
more books in the hands of potters that might not otherwise own one. =20

Thank you. And thank you to our generous claybud.

In the Mojave