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cm: writing for the ceramic community.

updated wed 6 feb 02


iandol on mon 4 feb 02

Dear Dai in Kelowna,

CM and every other magazine that is published has an Editorial =
Philosophy. You can ask what this is by writing to the Editor. If you =
wish to change that philosophy or add to it you have to write articles =
which fit into their format but hang over the edges. From the tenor of =
your message of 3rd Feb. I would imagine that you have a lot to say to =
the audience which CM represents which would be useful, informative and =
enjoyable to read.

My suggestion (I will not advise you)is that you edit your current =
offerings to make them concise, correct, truthful, easily readable =
(without a dictionary), informative articles which an Editor is unable =
to refuse because they add new perspectives and a new voice to address =
that community.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis