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wire tool review

updated tue 5 feb 02


Dave Finkelnburg on mon 4 feb 02

Hi all!
I had the opportunity to get both a wire tool and cutoff wire from Hank
Murrow last year. I have nothing but good things to say about both
Jan Adams wrote today about a common problem for potters, at least here
in the U.S. She cut something off the bat and it stuck back onto the bat.
That comes from using a smooth cutoff wire. As Hank Murrow has pointed out,
a cutoff wire made from two pieces of wire twisted together will solve this
The most commonly sold cutoff wires in the U.S. are twisted from
multiple fine strands of wire. They are quite strong and flexible, but
almost as smooth as a single strand of wire.
To see Hank Murrow's excellent, commercially available cutoff wire, go
Hank's Wire Tool takes the cutoff tool and uses it to facet or cut
decorative textures into clay. I really like the faceted mugs and tea bowls
I have made with this tool.
You can, and I do, make cutoff wires at home. Hank has even explained
how. However, if you want a high-quality cutoff wire, particularly for the
decorative effect you can get, Hank's products are great!
Dave Finkelnburg in Idaho, blatantly supporting Hank's products :-)