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why look at shows and cm

updated wed 6 feb 02


mel jacobson on mon 4 feb 02

why do we go to shows of pots.
why do we go to the pages of cm
why do we read books full of pictures of pots?????

well, to get pissed off.

as artists we love to shake our heads. stamp our feet.
get pissed off.

then go into your studio and say to self,
`if i cannot make better pots than that...well
i should burn down the studio.`

so much we do not understand, so much
makes us gag.

it is suppose to.
a great deal of what we see is crap.
get mad.
write letters.
tell the artist.
then get to work and make better pots.

you all know my bias. `most post modern crap sucks`.
i admire well crafted, beautiful pots.
that is what i try to make, that is what i admire. when
i see it, i rejoice.
when i do not, well, i stamp my foot.

i am rarely awed.
shimaoka show in mpls last year.
blew me away. beautiful pots.
every one.

some of mackenzie's pots. his high end stuff.

nil's show in portland. wood fired. terrific.

gail nichols images this month in cm...and two years
ago. fantastic. i want to make those pots.
(i sent the dock six gals to vince's last year to spy
on gail. get all the poop. still cannot make her pots.
as it should be.)

when kurt does a dandy. perfect, no blems. i rejoice.
i have a dannon teapot...her technique...fired at the farm,perfect pot.
full page pix in cm. nice.
kawai, always good. wonderful.

but, a great deal gags me. and i say so.

we do not just ohhh, and ahhh, over everything.
as tony says.
`look for the racers, look for the great ones`.
then we get excited.
what a concept.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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ikiru@KAMI.COM on tue 5 feb 02

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002 07:22:46 -0600, mel jacobson wrote:

>i am rarely awed.
>shimaoka show in mpls last year.
>blew me away. beautiful pots.
>every one.
>some of mackenzie's pots. his high end stuff.

I've been pretty homesick lately. The good news is that a little
bit of Minnesota is coming here. :^) The MacKenzies are coming to
Japan! Warren and Nancy are having their regular show at Gallery Shun in
Tokyo, opens on April 24th.

Warren is also in a show at the new Mingeikan Gallery that is
opening in Soetsu Yanagi's house, across the street from the main Mingeikan
building. The first show in that gallery coencides with a re-showing of
Yanagi's original show at the Mingeikan. The new gallery will open with a
show including Warren, Shimaoka, and Sori Yanagi (Son of Soetsu.) That
opens on May 3rd. Hope to see the MacKenzies in Mashiko too. So, if
anybody is planning a spring trip to Tokyo, this might be a fun time to be

Lee In Mashiko, Japan

"We can only wait here, where we are in the world, obedient to its
processes, patient in its taking away, faithful to its returns. And as
much as we may know, and all that we deserve of earthly paradise will come
to us."
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