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lowell does not fire merrie's kiln

updated tue 5 feb 02


LOWELL BAKER on mon 4 feb 02

I gave up any control of firing Merrie's kiln after the third firing. I
weened Merrie at that point because I was sure she knew what she
was doing/wanted and could figure it out. I was correct.....

No control freak here.


Merrie Boerner on mon 4 feb 02

I was wondering if you would respond to Mel's statement, and boy am I glad
you did. It was like learning to ride a helped me understand the
basics...... answered ALL my questions......then you just let go. Firings
are getting to be routine and wonderful. You are a grand teacher.
Thanks for the Guatemalan cigars ! I'm going to bring some to NCECA and
Karen Terpstra and I are going to smoke, spit, and scratch.....with lipstick
and skirts on ; )
See you there,
Merrie can come fire with me anytime, Lowell......I'll tell you when to
stoke : )