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lark glaze book

updated sat 16 feb 02


TONICLAYS@AOL.COM on mon 4 feb 02

Dear Jim and others.....are you referring to the Mark Burleson book from
Lark? I emailed Suzanne at Lark and she sent me four typed pages of mistakes
that they have fixed in the newer edition. (Mine was a Christmas gift, but
evidently not the newest.) In the cone 6 section, they give you the same
ingredients for two different glazes....lots of errors all the way through.
Wrong names on some of the work that is pictured....I am not even trying
anything in it. Not the best example to follow. Had I purchased it I think
I would want my money back. What a difference with the John and Ron book,
which I did purchase myself. So well done in comparison. Toni Smith in

Eleanor on fri 15 feb 02

My public library has this book.

I informed the librarian about the errors.