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slow cooling and ^6 glazes

updated sun 3 feb 02


Diane Woloshyn on sat 2 feb 02

Tried a firing and slow cooling with my current cone 6 glazes. I have a=20
small Scutt 818 with a controller. This was my schedule:

Ramp Temp Hold Degrees/hour

1 200=BA 200=BA

2 2000=BA 400=BA

3 2190 20 150=BA

4 1500 100=BA

Unfortunately, this firing schedule was a little too long (probably the hol=
time) for my kiln. The cone packs indicated it went to cone 7 (tip all the=20
way down).
There was no difference in the following glazes (all of which are in the=20

Falls Creek Shino & RR Green=20

The RR Sapphire Blue started to run.

Revised Xavier's Warm Jade Green was a lovely green and has usually been blu=

Stonehenge had the most change. It has been a hazy blue gray and now was a=20
mottled matt tan with brown speckles.

The biggest surprise was a salt shaker that had white engobe and white glaze=
over it. It turned a mottled yellow to brown semi-matt. These were both=20
commercial preparations from the same company. No idea why, but won't persu=
it since I don't use them often.

These were all over a dark tan stoneware.=20

Am going to try Ron and John's glazes next and then some revisions of my own=

Diane Florida Bird Lady