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john/ron's book

updated sat 2 feb 02


TONICLAYS@AOL.COM on fri 1 feb 02

Dear Clayart Friends, If you already received your book (I did!) start
reading. Then immediately go to your studio and start mixing. (I did!)
Remember to slow cool as they suggest. Next day open that kiln and smile. (I
did that this morning. Thus my happy disposition.) Compare your pots or tiles
to the pictures in Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. I chose eight of the glazes and
tried them on both white and brown stoneware and there is not a clunker in
the bunch. Many look like the pictures in the book...or even better because
of the slow cooling. Wish I could show you pictures right now. And I might
add that this adventure is brought to you by a woman who a year ago asked on
Clayart about scales because I knew so little about mixing glazes. (And if I
remember correctly, both John and Ron were among those generous souls who
offered advice on which scales to use.!) See what some curiosity,
determination and VERY helpful friends on Clayart can do for you? (My potter
friends in Ohio are very supportive too.) So I urge you to get going and try
those glazes and techniques. And of course, buy the book if you haven't yet.
You will be glad you did. I hate having to go to my day job this morning .
I want to stay in the studio and keep going with this successful venture.
Toni Smith in Ohio, who doesn't care that is gray and rainy outside when
inside its colorful, its matte, its glorious and full of unlimited