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ceramic monthly was: cm (not inches)

updated sat 2 feb 02


Janet Kaiser on sat 2 feb 02

My old college friend, Isatu, who now lives in Washington DC could not
find the November and December issues of CM when she was due over to
visit us for the week before Christmas. So the dear, darling girl
subscribed a whole year for me!! Sadly the first issue (January) was
sent to her home address, not mine, but hey! we all make mistakes, eh?
I cannot wait to read articles and see pots made by Clay Buddies and
am really looking forward to knowing what a lot of conversations here
are about! We are so often in the dark on those threads... I sincerely
hope as many of you regular authors as possible are working on
articles to be published this year...? The last issue I saw was
January or February 1993 and that was full of British potters
including Jon Middlemiss, which was frankly a bit disappointing. Not
the articles or pots you understand, just the fact it was really
carting coals to Newcastle, or owls to Athens...

But if any of you have any small influence at the publishers' of CM
(and any other magazine), please ask them to reassess The
International Potters' Path. When I wrote to CM back in 1997, they
courteously told me to contact their advertising
department for current rates... Even if we could afford to advertise
(we cannot) it would be bad Karma to spend money spreading the word,
when we are asking for contributions and donations from around the
world... At least that is how we regard the situation. It would be so
neat if they decided to include a teeny-weeny bit about The Path...
Especially as so many US potters, tile makers and ceramic artists have
already taken part and others would maybe like to in the future...

Janet Kaiser (Hoping this broad hint is not going to be considered
"selling" by those who have recently subscribed and regard informative
posts as promoting commercial interest... )

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