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woe, alas, alack, credit cards

updated fri 1 feb 02


Paul Herman on thu 31 jan 02

I don't accept the damn things, and from reading about all the hassles
people have to go through for them, I'm glad I don't. I can't remember
losing a sale because of this and most of my sales are retail. Not to
mention PAYING the bank for the privilage!!!

doing quite well, thanks,
Paul in Doyle, California

Janet wrote:
BTW You people who use electronic swipe card (PDQ) machines... Did you
know that if you swipe a card which the terminal does not recognise
and then you manually type in the numbers plus expiry date, etc. there
is now need to get a back-up using an old MANUAL machine as well?
Apparently people have been denying they bought goods with these cards
and the credit card companies are giving them the benefit of the
doubt! Your bank will retrieve the money from you, even if you have
their signature on a receipt!! They are demanding one of those old
imprinted vouchers (which is not banked) as proof that you handled the
card!!! At least that is what they are now doing here in the UK, so be
careful of this new credit card fraud.

Janet Kaiser