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woe is me! alas! alack! plus credit card fraud

updated fri 1 feb 02


Postbox on thu 31 jan 02

Don't groan... I am only back for a minute or two between visiting the
PC Doctor (my, are we in the wrong business or what? 25 for the first
half hour and 25 per hour thereafter) and trying to re-install all my
programmes, patches, hardware... You know how it is after a complete
re-start? It is at times like these, I wish I had kept a proper
written record of all those changes made over 3-4 years and not just
scribbled notes on scraps of paper, which periodically get binned.
Where on earth do you start with all the MS patches?!

Anyway... PLEASE will all my Clay Art Buddies and other Friends who
read this message, PLEASE e-mail me over the next few days? I just
cannot re-install my .wab or .dbx files with saved Address Book and
Mail Folders. They just will not copy over into this OE 5.0

Big time :-( misery, because I need to write to some very kind people
who have been very supportive recently... You know who you are!! Yes,
not just words either... Invitations to drink coffee AND I was also
one of those people who recieved a cheer-up package in the post... It
was a beautiful little beaker with a sgraffito fish through dark brown
slip onto an oatmeal body, all the way from Seattle. I was so touched
by the generosity and kindness of this simple act. It was so
incredibly thoughtful, it cheered me up as much as a bowl of Chicken
Soup with Matzo Balls... I ran around like a two-year-old for the rest
of the day!! No, I will not embarrass the generous giver here, but
some of you will be able to guess who she was! :-)

Would all the Clay Art PATH MAKERS also e-mail me directly please? I
have two files full of papers which should have your E-addresses
"safe", but then again, there are those who have changed e-mail or who
contacted me later. What a mess!

I have also found I have lost my favourite fonts! The ones I often use
for posters... I thought I was so clever "saving" them all to 15
zipped floppies... Only problem was disk No. 9 was NBG and it looks
like I did not "capture" them all. What a pain! Anyone know how to
find Orbus Multiserif, Unicorn, Viking, Vivienne, Vogue, etc.?
Preferably freeware, because I already paid for them once! I cannot
find the disk they must have originally come with either... Probably
some old programme which got binned.

Which is where the current thread on sharing material comes in... As
long as you are passing around the ORIGINAL and not copies or
photocopies, you are not breaking any sort of copyright or moral
codes. Books, magazines, yes, even software disks. As long as it is
the original and not a copy. For example, if I have MS Word 4.0 and
pass it on to someone else to use, as long as I have deleted it from
my PC, then they become the owner of that disk and it does not break
any laws. Even Microsoft rules and as they are a law unto themselves,
that says a great deal.

BTW You people who use electronic swipe card (PDQ) machines... Did you
know that if you swipe a card which the terminal does not recognise
and then you manually type in the numbers plus expiry date, etc. there
is now need to get a back-up using an old MANUAL machine as well?
Apparently people have been denying they bought goods with these cards
and the credit card companies are giving them the benefit of the
doubt! Your bank will retrieve the money from you, even if you have
their signature on a receipt!! They are demanding one of those old
imprinted vouchers (which is not banked) as proof that you handled the
card!!! At least that is what they are now doing here in the UK, so be
careful of this new credit card fraud.

Janet Kaiser

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