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lending books

updated sat 2 feb 02


Marta Matray Gloviczki on thu 31 jan 02

i lost many books, because i could not remember who
borrowed them. so now, every time a clay friend wants
to read my books, i say: come over, i make you some
coffee or tea, you can pick the cup or mug you wish to
drink it from- and you can read. but i dont lend books
although when i was young i thought it is rude to say
no------lost many favorite books this way!
getting wise :-))

marta matray gloviczki

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Lee Love on fri 1 feb 02

Book lending is a very important ritual amongst the expatriates here
in Mashiko. We pass around books, videos, english newspapers and magazines.

When someone goes home, we usually ask them to do a "Wallgreen run"
and get us vitamines and asprin. You can't get asprin easily here (only
Bufferin, and it is expensive.) Before we found an import/liquor store
(combo), we'd has friends to bring back cedar cheese, peanut butter and popcorn.
Now, we can get these thingsl in Utsunomya, about 40 clicks away.

We have some geat friends in Minneapolis that send us paperbacks
(mysteries for Jean. S/F for me) and videos (Sundance channel and the New Star
Trek.) They even sent me my cordless drill and my gram scale yesterday!
Time to build some studio furniture for my workshop and get some tests in the
firings at the pottey!

Today, I handled several nice old pots putting Sense's living room back
together after some ceiling repairs, including a large Shigiraki tsubo/jar, a Yi
Dinasty vase, a couple Jomon globe shaped jars, and a nice African bowl with an
antelope head on it.

Read more about Mashiko (the worlds largest pottery villiage) here:

Lee In Mashiko, Japan

"We can only wait here, where we are in the world, obedient to its processes,
patient in its taking away, faithful to its returns. And as much as we may
know, and all that we deserve of earthly paradise will come to us."
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