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knuckle busters/credit card

updated fri 1 feb 02


Cantello Studios on thu 31 jan 02

I enclose with each charge slip a note that says, "Please be advised that
when you receive your monthly statement that it will read Cantello
Studio-Pottery, Chico, CA. What we found out the hard way is that when
some people go to shows, they purchase an item from us but don't always
remember our name. Many shows are out of town, so they assume that it was a
false charge since they had never been to Chico. Charge backs are horrible
to deal with. The credit card company immediately takes the money back and
it is up to you to prove them wrong. It took me 7 months to get back
$125.00 once. All because she said she had never been to Chico. Thanks to
the note I haven't had a problem since.


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