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updated fri 1 feb 02


Leika Rompokos on thu 31 jan 02

I read in the internet about this potter who smokes fire in his electric kiln the following way:  wrap the piece in two or three sheets of newspaper, wrap over with aluminum foil, place in the electric kiln, from 500 to 700 C.   His  white terra sigillata  pieces are quite black.  He says this does not damage the electrical kiln and all his work is done this way.  He did not offer too many details, of course.  Well, I tried the same with a medium size piece, red terra sigillata, at the bottom of the kiln, fired to 530 C with the top loader door slightly open.  The piece was okay, not too many flashes.  The question is:  WILL THIS HARM MY ELECTRIC KILN.  I

live in Athens, Greece, no possibilities of saw dust or wood  fires and would love to do it in my electric kiln, if  will not damage same.  I know that a saggar fire in the electric kiln will damage elements.  Thanks to anybody who can help. 


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