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ron & john's book: fast delivery????

updated thu 31 jan 02


Paulette Carr on wed 30 jan 02

Several weeks ago, I placed an order for Ron & John's new book with Axner. I
read with excitement as some of you received your books, and thought mine
would be in my hands at any moment. I called Axner this morning and was told
that, although they expected shipment yesterday, they won't have the book
until, maybe, mid-February. Anyway, call back at the end of next week. To
those who have already received your books: From whom did you order your
book? Any suggestions on who has supplies and is now shipping? With such
rave reviews, the suspense is killing me ... I want to read it too!


Cindy Strnad on wed 30 jan 02


We ordered it from Ron and John, of course. ;) .

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730

Paulette Carr on wed 30 jan 02

Thanks to those who answered queries. I just called Axner, and found out
that they received some of their books, and mailed mine yesterday. I can
hardly wait!!!