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updated thu 31 jan 02


becky schroeder on wed 30 jan 02

ron and john,

totted my new book to my local supply store, marjons in phoenix. they were
very excited to see it and said they'd wanted to order some to sell in their
store but couldn't figure out how to do so. i gave them the web site so you
should hear from them. they looked at it for a while and declared it a
winner. i guess they'd already had other coustomers asking for it.

as for me i luckily threw a ton of stuff this fall i never got around to
firing so i have lots of pieces to test on. unfortunately i am awaiting
spinal surgery so no throwing for quite awhile.if anyone on clayart has had
spinal surgery and can offer some clues as to recovery times i'd really like
to hear from you offline. my surgery is at C 5-6. (kinda like ^5-6 haha)
don't want to clutter up the mailbox. also, i can't work at my day job
(which is actually a night nurse job) so have been planning and plotting and
think i can manage glazing with my husbands help.

can't wait to see how they turn out.

becky schroeder

hoping to be healed enough to se yall in kansas city

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