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updated wed 30 jan 02


Jeanne Stolberg on tue 29 jan 02

I bought a very large, round glass light cover at the local thrift store
several years ago. It has a clown painted on it. The clown is a bit much,
but who cares,
it is my favorite drape mold for large platters. It has just the right
amount of gentle curve to it. I have even perused the light cover section of
the hardware store, looking for interesting shapes. Watch out, you may be
left with bare light bulbs overhead in your house!
By the by, I was so lucky yesterday to receive John & Ron's new book AND
magazine PMI, all in one day! Great book J&R - you will make us all better
glazers! This is something I really needed - THANKS!

Jeanne S

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From: Fredrick Paget
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: Square plates-Elca

> Lying in bed this morning and reading the newspaper I looked up and saw a
> perfect mold for a square plate!
> It is the glass cover on the overhead light in the ceiling.
> I will have to spirit it away to my studio and drape it in clay. A perfect
> sushi plate and with two scallops per edge to boot.
> Fred