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credit card processing rates

updated wed 30 jan 02


Garry Moon on tue 29 jan 02

As there was recent discussion on credit card processing, thought I'd offer=
a Potters Council plug. There is a lot to consider when looking at the=
processing companies - set up charges, monthly fees, transaction fees,=
authorization fees, monthly minimums, processing methods, membership dues=
of the organization offering the program - so I won't attempt any=
comparisons. I did speak with a Potters Council member the other day=
though that has signed up with our program through Paymentech. She said=
she doesn't use the service very often, but has already saved enough to=
pay for her Potters Council dues. Pretty good endorsement.

You can find out more about the Potters Council Paymentech program at the=
following link: Note the=
listed schedule of Rates & Charges.

Ok, advertisement over.

Garry Moon
Membership Manager
The American Ceramic Society