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commercial for ron and johns book on mastering glazes.

updated thu 31 jan 02


Cat Jarosz on tue 29 jan 02

Hello I wanted to be one of the non cone 6 electric fire potters to write
in about Ron and Johns book.... Hey I have noooooo desire to ever fire
cone 6 electric but what sold me on this wonderful book is the wealth of
imformation that is NEW and FRESH and all about fixin your glazes no matter
the cone or the atmosphere... I signed up to support this type of book when
the shipping was free and feel a bit yankee cause I am saving a buck and my
gut tells me that these guys should have got that extra buck... But I also
wanted to a supporter ... I honestly think I am a babe in the woods when it
comes to learning about clay as I only stared in late 70's early 80's and
if you will realize that CM was one of the only sources of pertinent imfo
and recipes untill Robin Hoppers book on functional pottery came out
then you will never realize how great we have it today with all these
awesome workshops and books coming out daily and PMI and CT and Clay ART
and now mastering cone 6 glazes.. I wonder how much humbling I'd of had
to go thru if I had all this resource behind me... ps Jay Gertz was the
library guy at UNCA and one of the fellas that ordered books so if it was
to be had late 70's early 80's he got it as he was a clay addict way back
then also... think he set up a barcolounger in the bound periodicals for me
to peruse the bound CM's LOL.... ps Brian of highwater fame had a dirt
floor hole in wall shack down in biltmore section of town and helped
potters get supplies ... does this date me ??? ouch... yeah I is name
dropping but just totally amazed at the book of john and ron and think its
a must have for every potter that wants to help themself or to understand
what the heck they are doing ... public thanks to the guys for going out on
a limb and loving all POTTERS enough to give help if help is wanted.. CAT
Jarosz and no one paid me to say this it comes from my heart ....

Rose Pinkul on wed 30 jan 02

Hi Yall
Husband Fred has had his nose in "The Book" since it came in Tuesdays mail.
The only time its not in "The Book" is when he is at pottery class or mixing glaze
tests in the studio at all hours. This morning he came up for air long enough to
tell me I needed to fire down the bran muffins a little longer. Fred has been
eating, sleeping and breathing pottery for 6 months now. He's doing really well
with the throwing but the glazing was getting down right stressful. I cant tell you
Ron and John how thankful I am that you came out with this wonderful book. I think
you have got Fred on the right path. Now Maybe someday soon he will find the path
to bed before 2 am.
Best Regards
77 degrees in the shade today
in Marion NC
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