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bagwall designs

updated tue 29 jan 02


Dave Murphy on mon 28 jan 02

Hi all:

Our local guild is rebuilding its gas kiln. It is IFB, with a roman =
arch and fired with two forced air burners that run on natural gas. =
Here is the question. With the following interior dimensions w. 45 X l. =
72 and h. 60; how should the firebox and bagwall be configured. The =
shelves are 14 X 28 and rest on hardbrick built on their flat and =
stacked three high. It was suggested by the kiln builder that soft =
bricks be placed on the bottom shelves all along to act as a bagwall. I =
fear that the flame channel will be too wide and heat will have trouble =
reaching the top in a normal length of time. Any takers?

Barbara Murphy
Waterloo County Pottery
Waterloo Ontario Canada