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about your plates

updated tue 29 jan 02


Elca Branman on sun 27 jan 02

Almost right, I wrap very thin foam around the board if i want to do a
series of all the same size..1/4 foam,so that I do not have sharp lines
when i paddle,or cut through the corners..every edge of the board has
foam..I guess you could use felt, maybe, or anything that would soften
the edges..The only "expertise" has to do with doing each operation when
the clay is the right degree of hardness or softness...flexible enough to
bend without cracking but stiff enough to keep the fold.. All the
paddling done ,as you clearly understood, with the plate upside down.

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002 18:17:08 -0800 Lesley Alexander
> Dear Elca,
> I take it you paddle the sides with the plate upside down, then
> flip it onto a foam board and set the dowels or something around the
> edges to keep the sides up? Lesley

Elca Branman.. in Sarasota,Florida,USA

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