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the list, the book, and posting-ababi

updated mon 28 jan 02


Kathy Maves on sat 26 jan 02

Hi Ababi,
Please do continue posting as much as you feel
comfortable. I use and expand upon much of the info.
you and Alisa share.
About a month ago, I received a lot of help with my
Fe reds, and feel very blessed and grateful for it.
When Clayarters helped me, I immediately planned to
reciprocate, or at least acknowledge it, by sharing
the results of these gifts and my other research.
Some of these recipes were previously published.
There seems to be a respectful consensus on the rights
of authors, and I appreciate that. I can't think of a
good way to share my results without breaching those
rights. It's getting complicated.
In the bottom of my glaze notebook piles are pages
upon pages of hand copied notes on glazes, form, clay
bodies, techniques, chemistry, history, and more.
Once upon a time, I was a young waitress/student and
could not afford these books. I spent many days
copying out of books on pottery at local bookstores.
All of the notes are carefully cited in MLA format
(i.e. legal.)
My point is, nothing will get in the way of people
who really need it, even circumstance. Those who
study will be a blessing to those around them. So
don't give up on us, the mostly silent majority. You
are a bright star and we need you.

Warm Regards,

Barronett, Wisconsin, USA

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