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mug handles breaking

updated sun 27 jan 02


Richard Aerni on sat 26 jan 02

Richard Aerni
Bloomfield, NY
Your advice to your friend was right on the mark. Not only should the
defective pieces be returned for either credit or new merchandise, but the
potter should be made aware that his/her processes have a flaw. It's a
valuable piece of information for the potter to have. I would go so far as
to say that your friend would be doing the potter a service by bringing it
to the potter's attention. You may be a novice in clay, but your instincts
in how to deal with your customers are right on.
Richard Aerni
Bloomfield, NY

. She said that she bought a set of 4 mugs from an unnamed potter
> (honestly, she didn't name him/her) this summer and 3 of the 4 handles
> have fallen off. I may have been somewhat out of line, being a
> relative baby to potting, but I told her that to me that was
> *completely unacceptable.* I said that if my handles came off my pots,
> I would immediately replace it, and that she should tell the potter-
> if only so that the potter *knows* that there was a problem.