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dissappointed in _mastering cone 6 glazes_

updated sun 27 jan 02


Jonathan Pennington on sat 26 jan 02

Well, not dissappointed *per se*, but I really think that I should
have been warned about the lack of sleep I would get after recieving
this book. A little mention about not eating for a few days would have
been nice too. I'm darn lucky this came on a weekend- I don't have
enough vacation time to have this delivered on a Monday.

Here I am still recovering from 36 hours of taking kiln logs *every
hour* even through sleep, I thought I was going to rest this
weekend. Ha!

Jonathan Pennington |
"There are no pots, there is only clay." -original
"It's hard to take life too seriously
when you realize yours is a joke." -also original