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re; medusa sculpture

updated sat 26 jan 02


Nancy Silver on fri 25 jan 02

stephani talked about the face of medusa and finding other immages
Then one turns to issues and ideals of feminine beauty . Medusa once
> had beauty and lost it . (Don't go messin' with mama Hera). What IS
> beauty anyway, and what is the loss of beauty? How did SHE feel about
> it? Does hideous equal ugly equal scary equal demonic equal possessed
> equal horror ? Does it contain a feeling of tremendous loss,
> hopelessness, torment, revenge?
> All in the bone structure and countenance of a clay face.... well then
> there's her snake-do too
stephani =20
have you seen bernini's medusa?. the face is clearly shown and to me =
it expresses all of the above plus perhaps a little self revulsion. so =
how did you know i bought a bernini book today and was just looking at =
hope to see a picture of the fountain. all those emotions that must be =
seething inside. and downright ugly is too simple a solution. i just had =
a flash picture of you standing behind the statue and holding a mirror =
to finish the eyeballs. and if a living medusa turns living men to =
stone, what will two stone medusas staring at each other effect?
sorry, carry over from seeing lord of the rings.

speaking of books, i also received Ron and Jon's book today. thank you =
both. i 'm looking forward to sorting all my bits and pieces of info =
and being able to understand what the rest of you are talking about in =
the glaze discussions. the more bits of info i pick up the more i've =
become aware how much a need a cohesive, and clear knowledge =
organization. started to read the book as soon as i opened it.

nancy silver in cincinnati