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eva kwong arrowmont class -scholarship available

updated sun 27 jan 02


Linda Arbuckle on fri 25 jan 02

Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, TN is offering several week-long clay
classes this spring. They have announced that they have some
scholarships available for Eva Kwong's class. Eva's a wonderful teacher,
located in Kent, OH. She does both sculpture and pottery forms.
Interesting to talk with. Former NCECA board member. I'd give her two
thumbs up

March 4-8
Evocative Color, Provocative Form, Fertile Nature
Eva Kwong - Clay Artist - studio artist, part-time faculty at schools in
Ohio and Pennsylvania. Kent, OH

Using nature as a source of inspiration, explore issues of color,
pattern, form and content, as pertains to pots and sculptural
installations, color and drawing. Forming, texturing and various usage
of slips will be demonstrated.
All Skill Levels Welcome



Eva's work:

Arrowmont offers a good library, good food, nice supply store and

Rose Pinkul on sat 26 jan 02

Hi Dolores
Gee I'm sorry your having a problem with my site. :-( I will have my
husband look into it. The dolls take 5mm eyes. You can call or email me to
order wigs,(13.50) shoes,(7.00) or patterns(10.00) for 8" dolls. Shipping
4.00...we take credit cards, checks and MO's

Dolores wrote:

> Dear Rose, I am having a terrible time with your site. It keeps
> crashing and I have to restart my computer each time so I have given
> up. I am interested in the wigs for Lele and her brother along with
> their costumes. I would also like to order Lily's costume pattern.
> Now my big question: I have purchased the software for the 8" dolls and
> had the eyes opened-do you know what size the eye is? I thought they
> would be 8mm but they are way too large so I need to know what size to
> buy. I sure hope you can help me. Thanks
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