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potters council discounts

updated fri 25 jan 02


Chris Schnitzer on thu 24 jan 02

Just thought I would clarify how the 20% Potters Council membership=
discounts on CM and PMI are handled on renewal invoices and on the online=
order forms on the web site.

On renewal invoices, if you are a Potters Council member, the discounts are=
already reflected in the prices printed on the form. There is a paragraph=
(in itsy bitsy type) that explains this right below where the prices are=
listed. We now know we will need to make this paragraph more visible the=
next time we reprint our invoice forms.

For online orders, from either the Subscriptions page (CM site) Order Now=
page (PMI site) or the Order Publications page (Potters Council site), if=
you enter your Potters Council member number and click the Submit button,=
the discounted member prices will be displayed next to the subscription=
options. This is how it works whether you are ordering new subscriptions=
or renewing existing subscriptions. And you only have to enter your member=
number once. If you move from one site to another, the system remembers=
that you are a member. It seems pretty clear, but we'll see if we can make=
it more obvious that the member rates are in fact the discounted rates=

Thanks for your comments.

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