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ot: loss to canadian potters

updated sat 26 jan 02


Marjorie on thu 24 jan 02

Many Canadian potters heard the sad news that Peter Gzowski died today.

Peter was the host of two long running morning radio programs. He =
introduced Canadians to each other. We learned about this huge country =
and its people. As a Westerner, I realized that the boogy man did not =
come from Toronto. He made us laugh and cry and yell at the radio as we =
worked in our studios. All of us who held on to our radios helped Paul =
Henderson score his goal.

In the last years of his program, Morningside, he attempted to learn to =
throw a pot. John Calke was in his Calgary studio and Peter was in =
C.B.C 's Toronto studio. There is a CM article about their lessson.

I heard him interview Robin Hopper and discuss growing peppers with =
Robert Tetu. He was aware that many potters and artists listened to him =
as they worked and I remember his comment that in light of that, maybe =
he should say "today's colour is green".

I met Steven and Susan Kemenyffy at an international conference in Banff =
and Peter's name came up. They were listeners. One other person in the =
group (won second prize) whose name I have forgotten ,joined in the =
conversation about Peter and what was recently on the program. A number =
of years later, at the Ann Arbour Fair, Steven Kemenyffy said they were =
still listening even though alot of the discussions were about the =
Canadian constitutional changes and were becoming a bit boring to him. =
But he was hooked and had to listen.=20

I wrote this knowing that there are probably many potters in the U.S.A =
who also listened to this program as they worked in their studios and =
would like to be informed about his death.=20

If you can still receive C.B.C in your studios, there will be a 4 hour =
program in the morning of the 25th. of remembering, beginning at 8 am =
EST. I feel sad tonight. MarjB =20


Helen Bates on fri 25 jan 02


It's not often that I post a "me too", but I have to say that I
listened for many years to Peter Gzowski's programs. "This Country in
the Morning" all through the 70's whenever I was at home, and some
years later, "Morningside", when I wasn't at work being a physio.

He came across as always warm, always interested (as well as
interesting) and always ready to try anything.

Yes, I think a lot of people will be listening to him on the CBC
tomorrow morning.


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