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glaze test for ac base wd-1, cone 6, oxidation. (with recipe..)

updated fri 25 jan 02


Alisa og Claus Clausen on thu 24 jan 02

Typical Alisa...the only recipe I think I have may have made up, I forget
to write in.
From this recipe...I would like to hear if someone with calculation
software would
download it and tell me if it is all right or how I could improve it. I
like the look of the glaze, but need to look
deeper. Thanks.

>Glaze test for: Glaze test for AC base WD-1, cone 6, oxidation
>Source: Alisa Clausen
>Credited to: Tests devrived from Tony Hansen's 20 x 5 glaze base.
>All tests fired on white, iron flecked, mid-range stoneware.
>Fired to cone 6 (1220c) in oxidation.
>Firing ramp:
>100c (212f) per hour to 600c (1112f)
>150c (302f) per hour to 1100c (2012f)
>100c per hour to 1220c (2228f)
>15 - 30 minute soak depending on matts and glosses used.
>cool down 100c per hour to 900c.
>Natural cool down to 150c (approximately 15 hours)
>20 Nepheline Syenite
20 Dolomite
20 Wollastonite
20 Ball Clay
20 Silica

>All raw materials measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.
>Oxides used on percent basis to a 100 gram batch of glaze.
>Resulted in:
>Semi matt base with milkiness overall.
Cobalt stripe underneath glaze had soft boarders but did not move.
RIO stripe underneath glaze had harder boarders, no movement.
Stain showed up very pale under the glaze.

Next trials will color it directly with oxides.
Also, because there is so much clay, I will single fire a few larger tests
(not near anything I need).
>Regards from Alisa in Denmark