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need a kiln!!!

updated thu 24 jan 02


JJ on wed 23 jan 02

Hey all,

I am in need of a high fire kiln, preferably electric, gas if its not too
much trouble to hookup. Nothing too big...7 cu feet, Cone 10 would be nice
and in the new england area would be nicer. Reasonable price also a must,
I'm just a ham and egger, growing tired of low fire glazes and
clays...looking to get into porcelain and stoneware.
Also, just let me say how nice it is to finally be able to has
been quite a ring-a-ma-roll to get in here. SOOOO many questions and now I
can finally do this....

Thanks from JJ in Massachusetts where it is 40 degrees and we haven't
gotten nearly enough snow for my taste :0)