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glaze test for heino render satin matt, cone 6, oxidation

updated thu 24 jan 02


Alisa og Claus Clausen on wed 23 jan 02

Glaze test for Heino Render Satin Matt, cone 6, oxidation.

Source: Clay Art
Credited to: Heino Render

All tests fired on white, iron flecked, mid-range stoneware.
Fired to cone 6 (1220c) in oxidation.

Firing ramp:
100c (212f) per hour to 600c (1112f)
150c (302f) per hour to 1100c (2012f)
100c per hour to 1220c (2228f)
15 - 30 minute soak depending on matts and glosses used.
cool down 100c per hour to 900c.
Natural cool down to 150c (approximately 15 hours)

30 Potash
20 Neph. Syenite
17 Whiting
4 Gerstely Borate
9 Zinc Oxide
14 Kaolin
5 Silica
2 Bentonite

4 Rutile

All raw materials measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.
Oxides used on percent basis to a 100 gram batch of glaze.

Forshammer Spar for Potash.

Resulted in:
Covering white satin matt, with yellow running streaks throughout. Pooled
slightly at bottom of tile with a yellow glassy glaze.
Burgandy stain, colbolt ox. and RIO stripes all showed through the base
with very soft edges. The cobalt turned green where very saturated in the
middle of the stripe. Over the both the Cobalt and RIO, the streaking of
this glaze is very apparent. It pulled a lot of the oxide stripes right
down to the bottom of the test tile.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark