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alaska kiln; help;)

updated wed 23 jan 02


Barry Doucette on mon 21 jan 02

Please help me!

Does anyone out there know of a co-op hi fire kiln in alaska. I am
desperate. Please anybody, I know it sounds mellow dramatic though I need
access to a hi fire kiln of some sort in some way. I live in anchorage
though, wasilla, eagle river, girdwood, or even soldotna will do! can any
body help me out. Thank you whoever may reply. Thanx.


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BlissPots on tue 22 jan 02

Hi barry, sounding a little stressed? To my knowledge there is no co-op
kiln in the anchorage, wasilla etc. area . However, e-mail off list (don't
forget return address) and i'll see if i can help you out.
bliss in Alaska