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underglazes-3 coats a pain

updated mon 21 jan 02


Janet & Michael Francoeur Carolina Creations on sun 20 jan 02

I struggled with that 3 coats of underglaze business for a year or two =
when I first started making tiles. Since I am primarily a watercolorist =
(although I find myself working with clay more and more) I found putting =
3 coats on a piece was a real pain. I switched to one-stroke or easy =
stroke depends on the brand. I can use them like watercolors and it cut =
my production time down a lot.=20
I have been using Spectrum one stroke on white earthenware (I =
bisque to cone 03 first because I break too many otherwise)so I make my =
tile, bisque, put the design on with underglazes, & use Duncan Diamond =
Clear fire to 05 & the colors are bright and beautiful.
Janet Francoeur
Carolina Creations
New Bern, NC